x10 new sensor opinion from a professional photographer

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Mark H
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Too 'anecdotal' to rely upon...

xeriwthe wrote:

for anyone who cares, i found it interesting. see the opinions of Lindsay-Ann, she has also posted many samples from the new sensor on her website to which she links


long story short, new sensor creates great images, just a bit noisier, maybe a bit less dynamic range, a bit less contrast. not exactly the same colors as before. but minus the problematic speculars

I think L.A.'s comments are too 'anecdotal' to be relied to heavily upon.

Re noise, DR, colour etc, reliable comparison can only be made by shooting exactly the same subjects, with the two different camera/sensors, at the same time/under same conditions.

The only thing of real note is that the newer sensor doesn't 'orb/bloom' as the original sensor did - which shouldn't be a big surprise really.

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