D800's are usually problem free

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Re: D800's are usually problem free


Well...I am willing to bet some of the people that have these units have an issue but don't realize it. Did all of these people shoot at a focus target wide open with some of the most problem lenses? Probably not. I'm sure if I had my hands on all 20 of these cameras, I would show you a focus problem at least on a few.> > >

AtomicPunk, my friends and I have something close to 600 years of shooting experience between us and I've been shooting for 30, making me one of the younger ones! Most of us earn money with our gear.

Only one person believed he had a problem, but it was a focus error on a lens that was repeatable on other bodies. We've all tested with fast glass. I even re-tested my father's D800 a couple of days ago and the AF points were spot on using his 24-70 2.8 and 24mm 1.8. The 85mm 1.4 is one of the most annoying lenses in my experience. Every sample I've tried required tuning on my D700 and my father's D3. The poor thing was off on a D300 as well! But I'm seeing the best AF accuracy ever from it on the D800 with the least tuning and I witnessed this on two cameras.

Again, I'm not doubting that some D800's have a problem. The online evidence is clear that the issue is real. But the fact remains that if you add up the complaints it's just not a significant number to suspect a huge amount of defective AF modules. 99% of the online noise is from people who don't have the camera or only used it briefly.

The noise makers WANT the problem to be bigger. But it clearly isn't. Tens of thousands of people heard about this and tested their cameras. Plenty have fast glass to test. Where are all of their posts? If a lot of cameras were effected we'd certainly be hearing the waterfall by now.

And to be honest even I piled on with my worries and paranoia after ordering a D800. I started two threads about it before I had the camera! Duh!


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