D800's are usually problem free

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And again, as I pointed out, some people in this thread don't have a D800. So what exactly can you add constructively to this discussion but to repeat what we already know?

My point is that most cameras are unaffected. Those with a problem, being human beings, might be inclined to throw a lot of fuel on the fire.

But MOST Nikon and Canon DSLR's are problem free. Even the light leak issue for Canon was really a non-issue. Nikon probably knows EXACTLY what's going on and their service departments are just not all that great! When I had my 5DII serviced it was returned in a white plastic bag with no body cap and badly packed. Like I said, things happen, mistakes are made. I've felt Canon service sucks since then, but I know the reality is that they generally get it right. My friend recently sent in a D700 and they practically refurbished it for her for a minimal charge. But someone has a different experience and THAT'S the negative story that really flies on the internet.

So I'll keep saying it: I've seen a LOT of D800's and my friends have seen their share as well. We all hear about this issue online (but not really from a lot of owners), yet no one we know has it.

The simple fact is this: A LOT of D800's are in use at the moment. If a lot of them had the focus problem we'd be hearing it much more. There is a LOT of discussion about it, but the actual claims by real owners is a fairly small group against the many thousands of D800's in use. This aint the new math. Very few D800's have the problem.


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