3D1 editing with Magix or others?

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Re: Do NOT use 3D options to make video files from 3D1 stereo video

To add to Mark's reply, he is correct in pointing out to you that the image on each frame is a regular 1920 by 1080 and should be treated as a regular 2D image with 2 parts to it. However it is beneficial to use a 3D editor, as aside from being able to see a 3D red/cyan analogue view in the monitor window, the 3D editor will also provide 3D dissolves and 3D titles.

I use Magix 18 MXplus and it is an excellent editor, if a little quirky from time to time.

I have a Samsung 3D television but I bought a Panasonic 3D Bluray player with the SD card option, however I believe the SDcard reader will only read native ( from the camera AVCHD ). I also own a 2D Panasonic Viera TV with SD card slot and that too will only read the AVCHD from the camera or when it's been edited by Panasonic's propretory editor. My Panasonic SDT750 camcorder came with it's own editor programme disc. I use the SD card slot just to view my video before proceeding to edit it.

I export my editied video to DVD using Magic's AVCHD Disc writing option and this produces a Bluray format AVCHD disc. The result is a half-width compressed side by side image that it will play in any Panasonic or Sony ( and maybe other makes ) Bluray players.

The Bluray player needn't even be a 3D model, as ( to repeat what Mark wrote ) the images are really the same as regular 2D AVCHD video, just with pictures in the frame that contain two squashed images. The TV will unsquash the pictures when you press the TV's 3d button. Although the disc is a Bluray format disc, it isn't the full 3D Bluray that commercial films are presented on. The full Bluray 3D contains two (full width ) 1920 X 1080 images and can only be played on a 3D Bluray player.

I can use the PC file save function on Magix's editor ( as per your screen shot ) to save to mp4 ( half-width left image first, SBS 1920 X 1080 ) 25fps ( UK ) PAL and the rendered files will play in Samsung's USB slot using a USB stick, however I find the video rendered to DVD disc slightly sharper for some reason.

However if you do manage to save to AVCHD and find that your Panasonic TV does read the file off the SD card, please let us know. As far as I am aware, it won't.

If you save to half-width SBS right-image first it may produce the wierd effect of near things appearing behind things that are further away.

There should be a left/right switch function on your TV menu to counteract this if you have done this with any of your rendered files.

I found Magix a bit tricky to use at first, but well worth the effort.
Good luck, Thomas

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