accountability, where does it stop

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Re: accountability, where does it stop

Halibut wrote:

You certainly don't want a job with this cretinous knuckle-dragging creature. I mentioned that I had a PhD, it called me a blue nose arrogant limey nobody and an arrogant asswipe, and then proudly announced "I employ many much better educated than you for PEANUTS."

I'm not sure how much better than a PhD it gets, but to proudly boast that it pays them peanuts, well, if that's the sort of thing it's proud of then I shudder to imagine what it may be ashamed of, other than Dolly.

I certainly, for one, and I'm sure there are many others, don't for one second believe all the bull faeces about its many thousands of acres, all its patents, and the rest of its inane meanderings. I mean, it has no clue about the apostrophe, and its spelling is quite dismal at times, never mind all its bigotry. It believes Colombia is in the United States (check its signature out). I checked the search engines and have it on good authority it repairs dented parts of cars and lives in a small trailer park near Topeka with an extremely fat lady called Dolly.

Either you are in the wrong thread or are one of those people that is so smart that they are socially awkward enough to make no sense. In other words, what are you talking about, and more importantly, what is the subject?

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