D800's are usually problem free

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Re: D800's are usually problem free

The problem isn't that some D800 are faulty, the problem is that Nikon remains silent on the subject, doesn't officially acknowledge it, explain that they're trying to find the cause and an adequate solution, explain as soon as they can what the problem is, what their solution is, and guarantee that every single faulty unit will be either repaired or exchanged to the standard of new non-affected bodies. And maybe, even better, although at a strong cost for them, stop production until then (that's for them to decide given the estimated cost of doing so). Basically, and I know I'm trolling here, but one has to recognise that this is a perfect example of a good handling of a difficult situation, exactly like what Canon did with the 5d mark III light leakage issue (not that Canon has always be that good with customer relations, I'm not trying to put them on a pedestal). So far the only thing some got from Nikon customer services is that they're implementing a new software procedure to correct the issue, but some reported no improvement after servicing, despite the use of this new software.

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