In the middle of a Brain freeze.

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In the middle of a Brain freeze.

In a previous post, I received a lot of help and I am going to follow the suggestion that I do a clean install of my XP3. The present computer is getting worse as trying to do this forum post has been a bear.

I had thought about a purchase of Win7, but I have a couple of old CAD software that does not play nice on Win7. Tried it on a another machine, even in compatible mode. Also I am very used to my XP3

In my very troubled machine at present, I have two other old hard drives installed, filled with either backups or seldom used programs. I also have two USB Hard drives attached.

I have made copies to a CD/DVD of my Outlook express stuff, like the current mail folders, address book and the favorites. Using one of the USB Hard drives (it has lots of room) I also have a copy of the current C: drive, less Documents and settings and Windows.My current thinking is that after I do a clean install and after a trip at the Windows Update, I could re-install the Mail,address book and favorites. The Mail folder is important as it has License numbers etc. which could be found if needed later.

The copy that I made of the current C: drive is for reference mostly, so that I know what programs I had and then decide what to keep and then re download/install the programs from the INTERNET.

My first question.
What else should I try to copy prior to doing a reformat of the C: drive?

Now this hard disk with the C: drive, also has a partition (F:) that has all my pictures.

My second questions. (the brain freeze part)
Can I reformat just the C: partition without hurting the E: partition.?

The third question.

Would I be safer to just buy another Hard drive, do the XP3 install and then redo the present partitioned hard drive (C:&F:) for future use.? My thinking here is that buying a new drive I would gain future life? Or should I buy a small drive and just put the C: on it and keep all my pictures on a second drive?

Any comments will be appreciated.

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