Warning: Lowepro plastic carabiners may destroy your camera

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Re: Call the company first....

Although you seem to be a little slow in understanding my concern I try again:

1. First thing I did after the accident happended was to contact Lowepro.
2. They did not reply.
3.Then I posted a warning for other people here on dpreview and on amazon
4. After ten days only Lowepro replied

5. Lowepro sent me a new bag with a re-designed carabiner and paid for the damage to my lens

6. There are certainly other people out there who still own the bag with the old faulty strap

7. Those people deserve to know about the chance that their strap my fail and their camera may get damaged

8. Lowepro doesnt issue a warning for those people

9. I find it necessary to keep this warning posted so at least some people can act and replace their strap before bad things happen.

10. I am an active and established photographer, I hardly ever post on dpreview unless I find good reason to do so. Therefore I require no advice from anybody to "go out and shoot"

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