Lossy DNG over simple JPG...?

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Re: Lossy DNG over simple JPG...? Where's Adobe when one needs them?

Quality considerations set aside, Adobe's move is inelegant (let's put it kindly).

Implementing some new spec in its mainstream, public release software prior to discarding the said specification generates unnecessary issues at several levels:

  • much noise on various forums and newsgroups

  • a bunch of questions, bug reports on 3rd-party software support sites, coming from basic users who some day notice their dng workflow is somehow 'broken', 'omg wtf', 'why oh why', 'your software stinks' or what else

  • some "ethical" anxiety from developers fearing that the DNG format could go wild, end up partly undocumented or with rising incompatibilities.

Should one "reverse-engineer" these new DNG files to decide how to parse their IFDs or display embedded thumbnails without segfaults? That would be damn weird with a so-called "open" format.

Without giving into drama, it's disappointing that after 6 months (the time of the first implementation in LR 4 betas) nobody at Adobe cares enough to provide true bits of technical documentation - if only a draft - about such great new features. So far all we've had is a bunch of enthusiastic blog posts, broken software, heated discussion, and clumsy workarounds.

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