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Re: The honest answer is.

Duplo wrote:

paulkienitz wrote:

It may be true that ultra wide angle isn't everything in landscape... but it sure isn't nothing either, and it's pretty darn easy to start feeling frustrated when you go out there with nothing wider than 17mm.

To quote my old photography mentor:

"focus on the images successfully captured, rather than potential opportunities missed"

I think this is a tremendously important point, Thomas. I think of it this way: from any point at any second there are a million possible photos; and that repeats every second of every day. One has to reject 99.99% and more of all the possible opportunities so let's concentrate on what we catch.

I shoot most of my landscapes in the range between 28 and 135mm in 35mm terms and no I do not feel like missing anything when leaving with just 2 or 3 primes.

I find that sticking to just a couple of FLs helps me concentrate on the views that those particular lens can get. It really doesn't matter which FLs they happen to be.

Going back to Paul's point, I do like to show the size of what nature has to offer so one of my FLs quite often is UWA, which I often use in portrait orientation for the sky above. But it's one of the opotions, not de rigueur .

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