Reasons Not Rush to buy RX100

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Re: Reasons Not Rush to buy RX100

Ever since my two week old HX20 developed dust on the sensor problems, I have been drawn to any post that referenced dust in any way. I was intrigued by the idea of the lens barrel having an electrostatic attraction to dust. I always look at my new replace HX20 and see dust on the barrel and wonder where in Hades did that come from?!! I'm not in any dusty conditions that I know of, and other than when I'm shooting, keep the camera in a dust-free, lint-free camera case.

Then I raise the question - how many of us are having dust problems? It's more than me, but it's clearly not everyone. If it was everyone, no one would buy these cameras. Then I wonder if the explanation is that the tendency for dust to get into the camera depends on tiny variations in manufacturing, that would be spread out along the normal bell curve, with 90 percent of the cameras produced being relatively protected from dust, 5 percent of the cameras being almost impervious to dust and the remaining 5 percent extra vulnerable to dust. I'm hoping that's the explanation, because that would give me a 95 percent chance of getting a camera that with reasonable care remained relatively dust free, and chalk off my first HX20 as having been in the unfortunate 5 percent.
Thoughts about this issue?
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