80-400 VR revival on 800e dx mode

Started Jun 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
baddog Regular Member • Posts: 218
Re: 80-400 VR revival on 800e dx mode

cwmartin wrote:

When I tried my 80-400VR with my D800 the two didn't get along too well. There was a lot of focus hunting going on and while the photos were able to be used, they were far from what I get if the 70-200 VR II or 200-400 VR are placed on the D800.

I have decided that my 80-400 VR does better with my D4 and only in an extreme emergency would I use it on the D800.
Clifford W Martin
aka BigRedDogATL

Are you having hunting problems with live view mode, view finder mode or both. With my D800, my 80-400 auto-focuses fine via the viewfinder mode but hunts so bad in live view mode I can't use it.

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