Tripod Suggestions for a77+battery grip

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Re: Tripod Suggestions for a77+battery grip

bookmatch wrote:

Just out of curiosity, why do you suggest the OP save for "something better"? What does the Vanguard I suggested NOT have that a more expensive tripod+head would have? What would make it "better" than a Vanguard, particularly for the camera and use he described?

My post had 100% zero anything to do with you or your post. Nothing wrong at all with the 'pod you suggested. I have the 263 pro version w sbh250 head and it's great if a bit heavy although over the OP's budget. Why I say 'better" is one should buy a tripod to grow into, not something that will only just hold what gear he presently has. Todays 70-300 inexpensive zoom could be tomorrows heavy 70-200 f2.8 etc.

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