Any good macro from SZ-31MR ?

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Glen Shutter Junior Member • Posts: 29
Re: Any good macro from SZ-31MR ?

Dodfr I havent had a chance to get acquainted with all the features yet but according to the manual it has that feature
"To focus on a moving subject
continuously (AF Tracking)
1 Hold the camera to align the AF target mark on the
subject and press the A button.
2 When the camera recognizes the subject, the AF
target mark automatically tracks the subject movement
to focus on it continuously.
3 To cancel the tracking, press the A button.
Depending on the subjects or the shooting conditions,
the camera may be unable to lock the focus or fail to
track the subject movement.
When the camera fails to track the subject movement,
the AF target mark changes to red"

This would have been useful with the ant since it was running all over the place. The ant was starting to climb a little ledge so the head was closer to the camera and that back leg further away.

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