canon L lenses on nex?

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ProfHankD wrote:

Alupang wrote:

verybiglebowski wrote:

It seems that you really love your FDn 50 f1.4

Well yeah, for $100 I sure like it, given it outperforms $1000 Zeiss Makro and $5000 Leica 50/1.4 ASPH at f2 down.
I have yet to see any 50mm that can touch it at f2 to min aperture.

People want the f/1.4 FDn to have great IQ because it was an upgrade normal lens from Canon and has a smallish good-quality plastic build, making it balance exceptionally well on NEX.

It's not that I want the FDn 50/1.4 to be such a superb lens, it just actually tests out that way. Here is a very solid test of the FDn against the Leica ASPH and Zeiss Makro:

As you can clearly see, the FDn is the highest performer at f2 down. I also have good tests of the Canon VS Zeiss 50/1.7 c/y where the FDn comes out ahead yet again.

I don't have the Zeiss or Leica lenses you mention, but I do have a couple of dozen lenses in the 45-55mm focal length range (from a weird f/0.75 to an f/3.5 macro) that I've collected for my computational photography research. Although the FDn f/1.4 blows away the f/1.8 version (which is one of the worst fast 50s), many lenses I purchased for $30 or less slightly outperform the FDn f/1.4 on NEX.

Slightly outperform in what way specifically? Corner performance at f2.8 down I highly doubt.

Except for handling of flare, the FDn isn't even quite as good optically as the (surprisingly different) FD "chrome nose" I tested. Here's part of my fdreview review of the FDn:

Perhaps you had a bad copy--the FDn is superior to the older FD.

" Around f/5.6, this lens is a winner: perfectly sharp with high contrast across the APS-C frame. At wider apertures, bokeh are better than average (MUCH better than its f/1.8 siblings), but that seems to come from undercorrected SA, which also gives glow and low contrast wide open. Overall, it's a bit below average in IQ wide open. Of course, a bit below average is still darn good when talking about fast 50s.

I never said the FDn was a great lens at f1.4. I am always careful to state that it performs best in class from f2-f2.8 down.

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