The Banksters have a new darling

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Re: The Banksters have a new darling

28to70 wrote:

Today I saw on Hannity the grooming of Marco Rubio, the next selected vice presidential puppet. Hannity of course piled in on with corn syrup and strawberries. Is it the cynic in me? I just don't buy any more Demopublican manure. If it comes to Obami-Biden vs Oromney-Rubio in November, I think I'll sit it out. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for the devil.

Well that should really change things. Good job!

And seriously, I just have to ask, you're not going to vote based on a Vice Presidential pick? Is there some VP out there who is so brilliant that you will run to the ballot box instead of Rubio?

I think your thread has to go down as one of the oddest in here, and that's saying a lot! Out of all the crap going on in government, Mark Rubio is what has made you finally throw in the towel, and requires a thread about it? LOL.

yet somehow that idiot Biden didn't ruffle this guy

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