Nikon D300 versus Nikon D800

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Re: Nikon D300 versus Nikon D800

Linthicum wrote:

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback to my question. It was excellent. I know I don't really need a new camera. I'm 72 and photography is just a hobby. But, you can't take your money with you. My kids will just inherit a Nikon D800. My current D300 has nearly 80,000 actuations. I must admit, I was expecting some image improvement. I do very little printing. My focus is mainly birding and I am my own worst critic and seldom satisfied. I shoot mostly with a 500mm Nikkor lens on a Wimberley tripod but I feel the images fall short above a 60% crop.

I thought that the D800 resolution would help improve the image at 100% crop.

But from what I'm reading that may not be true. I realize nothing beats being close to your subject but in the birding world that is not always the case.

Thank you again for the constructive comments.

"Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Nikon owner". Author Unknown

Hi Linthicum, if your focus is on birding and you clearly like detail don't be put off by what you have read. The detail at 100% is astonishing. It's difficult to see that from web images, but I wonder what images you've seen.I am a birdwatcher who has developed a passion for bird photography in the past 2-3 years. Please look in my Flickr photo stream starting with the most recent and working back. Look at the 100% (original ) images. This is done by clicking on an image and then click on view at all sizes and pick original.

I have posted scores of images exactly for this purpose. Please bear in mind I have also been learning how to use the camera so the more recent images are better.

Just to show the detail I will post a cropped picture here which you can view at 100%.

This crop is 1/16th of the entire frame. That's about 6%. And it will display well an a normal website. You can even print a 7"x5" and it will be sharp.
It is taken from this image which is a 1/3rd crop from the full frame.

The detail I can now see of birds rivals my scope and I have now stopped taking a scope with me. It's that good. You did see Rory's crop above didn't you?

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