Hyperventilation about the 5D MK III

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Re: Hyperventilation about the 5D MK III (agree)

This post is the biggest joke I have seen here. I have seen enough of "skillful" evidences here of those who upgraded from MKII to MKIII. Light is the only think that a skillful photographer will be concern about and only light makes the whole difference.

sdyue wrote:

Ferrari_Alex wrote:

Sorry, but how these images from MKIII, produced by skilled photographer, will be different from those produced by MKII by the same, skilled, photographer?


A skilled photographer will have already explored the limits of the MkII, to which only an MkIII would offer much more BEYOND the older limits. There is a marked difference of significance to me, for me to want one, so I can finally shoot in the zone where the limit has still to be hit.

All other alternatives, the limits are already hit, and none offer what the MkIII does, except maybe the 1Dx. That's it.

It really depends on what kind of photography you do.

If it is in good light, it will never be close to any of the limits, or beyond, where I usually shoot.

This is definitely where the equipment is the limiting factor, not the skilled photographer.

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