Best landscape lens for K-5

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Re: Best landscape lens for K-5

SMcGuire45 wrote:

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the example. What lens was that composition shot with out of curiosity. Thanks!

Three different lenses on K-5: the widest was the Sigma 8-16/4.5-5.6 at 8mm, the longest DFA100/2.8WR macro (both without filters -the Sigma doesn't really take filters), the middle one with the DA35/2.8 limited macro with CPL.

The Sigma is the only rectilinear UWA that will go so wde: there are a few that go to 10mm and the DA12-24 starts at 12mm. The difference between 8 and 12mm might not sound a lot but this is what it means interms of coverage (whole frame 8mm; inset 12mm).

My general experience is that Pentax lenses show better colours and microcontrast than third party lenses but the Sigma 8-16 is very nearly as good.

You could find a zoom that would cover 35 and 100mm, of course, although with some loss of resolution that would only show on bigger prints.

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