200mm not enough? please help!

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Re: 200mm not enough? please help!

Rob MacLennan wrote:

Well the 45-200 is no great shakes in the autofocus department, when compared to my 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 SWD on my E-5, but it's possible to get the same sort of shot with the E-M5. The rather long blank period in the viewfiinder is a bit disconcerting, and requires guessing the position of the subject when tracking it, if you're left eye dominant like I am. It also seems to work best in S-AF and single shot, than it does in C-AF and multi-shot for this sort of thing.

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well it looks like i'll be sticking with my Dslr for this stuff then, no point buying lots of new gear for a sideways step. I was shooting Tornado aircraft today flying just under the speed of sound, my D200 kept up but i didn't many times, 3 shot burst and they were gone.....damn good fun though, the Apache aiming at me was a little disconcerting though
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