D800 - AF issues worse than expected

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Re: D800 - AF issues worse than expected

Ilkka Nissilä wrote:

Did you evaluate the focus at the active single focus point (this is the correct thing to do)

In my case the results of field curvature across the points was blindingly obvious and expected.

Moving beyond that....

The issue is that using a side point the results immediately under the active side focus point that is used are very bad. And the effect varies from left and right.

However if a center point is used to focus the shot, and the areas over to the side under the side points are examined, yes they are soft as would obviously be expected from field curvature. But those same areas L & R are consistently similar and still quite acceptable, and still far better than what is achieved by focusing on them directly via the side points.

In summary the results field curvature can be seen, and using the side focus points takes the results a large step again beyond that.

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