Cameraland ROCKS for Oly/EM-5!!

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Cameraland ROCKS for Oly/EM-5!!

I ordered my silver 12-50 kit, 40-150 and 300 flash from B&H on April 24. I've been patient & understanding, but I was tired (ok, jealous) of seeing so many others here getting their cameras from smaller stores/etailers & B&H not even able to give me an ETA.

So, I've been talking to Mark @ Cameraland for a few weeks now. He said it would take a week or two max for what I wanted & he was just about keeping even with orders vx. shipments on a week-by-week basis...and he also said that their owner was pretty tight w/the OLY North America head. Tall-tale or not, I'd read a lot of good things about them here that backed up his claim of quick delivery.

But I kept thinking B&H HAD to be getting their one big shipment & that as soon as I cancelled, I'd be reading a new thread about how everyone got their camera.

But this past Tuesday, Mark said that he was expecting big shipments on Thurs/Friday or Fri/Mon that would probby put him ahead of the backorder-curve. So Thurs am, I cancelled B&H (they were understanding & professional, as always), and ordered from Cameraland.

I called today, as I hadn't received an email confirm, and low & behold, he said it SHIPPED today!!!! ONE DAY!!! He had said he was getting several silver bodies, might wanna call tomorrow.

Shocking...I actually feel sorry for B&H! It's almost like they're getting penalized in a way for being so big, i.e., perhaps all bigger vendors are getting the same # of cameras, but since B&H has so many more backorders, the smaller big-guys have passed them by.

Anyhow, by Wed of next week, I should have received the body, 2 lenses, flash, B+W filters (I have a kid & a leave YOUR front element naked if you want!) and Canon FD> MFT adapter (from ebay...the one with the newest 'dandelion chip' that allows the focus-confirm to work in the OMD). That's for the Tokina ATX 80-200 f2.8, Canon 50/1.4 & 50mm macro I'll be playing with. BTW, does that REALLY mean I'l have a 400mm f2.8 (equiv) lens? BAZINGA!!!

Add that to the 3 ebay batteries/charger, Pany 14/2.5, high speed/capacity memory cards & Domke bag that I already have...and I think I'm gonna be set for a while.

Of course, I waited until I got my stuff before touting Cameralands availability...but now you can feel free to go nuts on 'em!

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