400mm lens for motorsport. which one?

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Re: 400mm lens for motorsport. which one?

what do you reccomend for me then please?
i own a panny FZ150
panny GX1 with 20mm and 45-200mm

i have the 45-200mm for sale, it was not enough for me last week so im having ago at DSLR kit

cant afford anymore than 400mm lens


VisionLight wrote:

It's been my experience that for anything other then small court sports, if you're only going to have one camera and one lens, then bring a zoom. In motorsports especially since the "court" is so large. It's an expensive lens I know, but I've never been dissapointed by my 100-400L on full frame. On your camera it would be a 160-640, so think about how often you're going to be trackside when the short end may be too long. With crop cameras the 70-200L would be 112-320 and the 75-300 would be 120-480. Possibly in your case a little more versatile. There are also different versions of both of these lenses at different price points.

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