E-5 LCD issue

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Re: E-5 LCD issue

Scanlon wrote:

Has anyone had issues with the brightness of the LCD in night/sunset/sunrise photos? I've found, especially with the sunrise/sunset images on the LCD, that there looks to be plenty of detail in the foreground, (rocks, shorelines, etc.), only to find out when I see them on my (calibrated) monitor that they are much darker that what appeared on the LCD. The Live View Boost is off, and the histogram settings are 255 and 0. I often use a GND filter in those situations, but the foreground still looks good in Live View. Is there a setting that can give me a more accurate reading? I usually use the hstogram in Live View when doing landscapes.
Thanks in advance.

i also use a calibrated monitor and have been doing the following for years with all my DSLR (and milc)...turn down the brightness of LCD so that it matches more closely what i'll see later on my monitor later.

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