D3200 Back Focus Fix

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Re: D3200 Back Focus Fix

Thanks for the warning, but I (and everyone else) would just LOVE to return a camera that's 3 yrs old!! Lol. Anyway, I'm really disappointed with Nikon service as they found nothing wrong with it.

jonikon wrote:

Nismo350Z wrote:
Hi Al

Could you tell me if you had to adjust the AF mirror stop Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise to resolve your back focus issue? I'd like to know prior to attempting this fix on a D90.


AFP wrote:

The fix consists of adjusting a couple of mirror stops using an allen wrench, following the procedure at Leon's site. (Use the "Mirror Lockup for Cleaning" function). Now all of my Nikon lenses focus properly and I can use the D3200 as intended. This should work for any of Nikon's bodies that don't have a fine focus tuning function. Just be careful of the sensor!


Don't do it. It is not a proper fix for a misaligned or miss-calibrated AF module and will result in inconsistent AF. Send it in to Nikon Service, or return for another camera.

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