Upgrading from Canon DPP to LR

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Re: Let me state that I like and use Lightroom exclusively. . .

Thanks for replying, suddie1215.

I've been to the ImpulseAdventure site several times. Google takes me there every other week while I am searching (again) for DAM alternatives. Somehow, all the information there does not answer what I am trying to find about a good DAM: speed, stability, scalability, ability to search the catalog trough complex queries and, more important: penetration with photographers! I don't want to invest (time is a bigger concern than money) on a DAM that will eventually disappear because few people support its development!

I've bought (and read) The DAM Book. The forums there, though, are not as active as this one. That is way lurkers like myself end not posting there, I guess.

I will take a long look on John Beardsworth's site. Thanks for the tip.



suddie1215 wrote:

Its not an easy question to answer. You can look at this list for an application that best suits your needs: http://www.impulseadventure.com/photo/flow-catalog-compare.html

I'd suggest asking your question over on the DAM Forum: http://thedambook.com/smf/index.php

There are several users who have made the migration from Expression Media/Media Pro to Lightroom in many cases. But if you aren't using the other features like the Develop Module, etc. then I can't really suggest Lightroom. John Beardsworth is an acknowledged expert in iView and he's made the transition; I believe he has a number of tools available to automate much of the process: http://www.beardsworth.co.uk/lightroom/iview/ and http://www.beardsworth.co.uk/lightroom/search-and-replace/

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