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Re: Let me state that I like and use Lightroom exclusively. . .

Thanks for your reply, Paige Miller.

I've tried really hard to use Lightroom as a DAM. But it doesn't do simple (and necessary for me) things:

  • can't have an offline library and simply view a good render of the offline file without the excruciating "The file named XXXXXX is offline or missing", except using the Survey view (and, then, have to comply with the excruciating time to draw the preview). All this after waiting for almost 3 days to have fullscreens of my 80k images.

  • can't find an image by simple parameters (e.g., width, height, thumbnail size - even though I can find this data on the sqlite database Lightroom uses), or create queries using the NOT operator.

I really, really don't want to hijack the thread with my agony of finding a new DAM. Back to the OP question, I agree with the opinion that in his particular case, Lightroom might not be an upgrade, as he seems not to be looking for the raw power of it. Hence my questioning.



dj_paige wrote:

Felipe, I use Lightroom and this seems to meet my needs perfectly, as far as the DAM goes (the rest of the program is great too, but that's a different subject). My photography includes family (and other) events, travel, sporting events, railroads, etc. I have keyworded everything, I do this religiously with new photos, and I believe I can find any photo in a matter of seconds in Lightroom. Based upon reading this and other forums, Lightroom meets the organization needs of many photographers whose photography is different than mine.

Of course, there are many products out there that might meet your needs as well. I can't comment on other software because LR is the only one I have used recently.

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