Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

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Re: Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

Cliff Horner wrote:

I am looking for two things really, mainly better noise performance for low light work and also faster AF as I am getting in to shooting motorbike racing.

I think both the 60D and 7D are better than my E3 and will do what I want. I am slightly swayed towards the 7D for the focusing control it appears to have.


I too had/have an E-3, often for sport including motorcycle racing, and was looking at a 7D for better AF, noise etc. I was advised by someone with a clutch of Canon bodies, including the 7D, but was pointed to the 1DIII. I bought a mint used one for the same price as an E-5, relatively inexpensive 70-200F4ISL and 400mmF5.6L lenses, and wish I had made the move years ago. I love every image that comes out of it, and use it (with shorter lenses) for everything now. The performance in any light with these modest aperture lenses is better than my E-3 with SHQ F2 lenses, and IQ is better too. The body is great quality and little larger than the E-3 with grip.

I noticed a good example of bike racing using the 1DIII on a Canon forum yesterday-


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