Just Bought a 40mm Pancake

Started Jun 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Jon Stern Contributing Member • Posts: 923
Try Thinking About What I Wrote

Tizzio wrote:

And your point is????

If you were to pause and think about what I wrote instead of listening to the voice in your head triggered by whatever hostile reaction tends to come up for you when you read posts online, you'd see that there are several points in my post.

The first point is that this lens is beginning to reach the stores in limited numbers, including at a national chain, Best Buy. That's a useful lead for people wanting to pick one up.

Secondly, I have the opportunity to test this lens this weekend. So will be able to give my impressions and post some pics soon.

Thirdly, this lens is very attractive to a non-serious photography (okay, I may not have made clear that my wife isn't Annie Leibovitz) due to it's very small form factor.

Now I suspect you'll give this response a cursory read and immediately be re-activated and feel the need to defend yourself. That's okay, that's a normal human defense response. I'd just invite you to be aware of it. It might give you greater power in life.

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