Anyone experiencing focus shift with 85mm 1.4G + D800

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Re: Anyone experiencing focus shift with 85mm 1.4G + D800

vipgeorges wrote:


I've read a few reviews of the 85mm 1.4G with the D800 and some folks are experiencing focus shift with this combo. Diglloyd mainly.

1. Is this happening to a lot of people?

Yes. All of them.

2. How big a deal is focus shift in real word usage?

If you predominantly focus at close to mid distances then it will certainly be an issue. You can learn to accommodate it though.

3. Any tips as to how to correct focus shift? Because it's based on the aperture setting, I believe it's not correctable with any focus fine tuning, right?

Correct. Just learn the lens. You may be surprised how well you can judge it once you get to know it. If you are working wide open, it is obviously not an option at all.

4. Does it affect all copy of the lens or is it a matter of luck? I can still return my copy of the lens, hence the question.

All of them. It arises from the lens design.

5. I'm curious, is the 85mm 1.8G (also) subject to focus shift?

To a much lesser extent, yes. Essentially, you can treat this lens as having none or nearly none.


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