D800 and D4 in stock

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Re: D800 and D4 in stock

I'm not the only one that's getting fed up with all this nonsense....

Jody Leonard wrote:

I wholeheartedly agree. Who gives a crap that you got your tracking number. Wow. Thanks for telling the world. We're so happy for you. Gee, maybe mine's next!
It's getting pathetic and juvenile.
Rant over. Thanks for this thread

Hugo First wrote:

i'm looking for inspiring photos, or for somebody who knows stuff to explain something i haven't grasped yet. if somebody just wants to exclaim how they got their highly anticipated new toy, i'll pass...

4x5 Guy wrote:

Do you really think that Joe Schmo, who I don't know and never will know, telling me that his camera shipped is socializing in any meaningful way?

4x5 Guy wrote:

Isn't it enough already?

I understand the excitement. It's one thing to start a new thread with some first images (assuming they are at least 1/3 decent). But do we need a thread for:

Had a dream about receiving my new 800?
Got email that my D800 has moved from one shelf to another shelf at the shipper?
My D800 has been sent to me?
My D800 is coming to my door by the FedEx guy?

My D800 arrived but I can't open it right away because I have to go to the bathroom?
My D800 arrived but I have to charge the battery first (why is that?)

and on and on and on.

Go ahead, blast me. But you know I'm right. This isn't even a gear forum anymore. It's a shipping and social announcement forum. Can we announce upcoming weddings and circumcisions here?

etc. etc. etc.

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