D800 and D4 in stock

Started Jun 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D800 and D4 in stock

Enough already !

If people are desperate enough to get their grubby mits on a D4 or D800, they can put their name on a multitude of wait-lists and then wait for the resellers to call them.

No need for "heads-ups" all the time. You can get a list of dealers from the Nikon website for your region, and then an email is free or a phone call won't cost you much.

The only thing "heads-up" posts will do is create a stampeed of gear lusting sheep knocking at the named dealers door.

I really wish we could get back to proper discussions on pro bodies, and put a stop to all this gear lusting nonsense posts about when things are/are not shipping etc.

The honest truth is that most people moaning about lead times could probably easily wait until later in the year when availability eases up ! Would certainly ease up availability for the pros if they did.

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