do we need to add caveats to images?

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Re: do we need to add caveats to images?

Narcosynthesis wrote:

I would hope the purpose of an image should be somewhat obvious given the thread it is posted in

that's my point.

as far as i am concerned images and their range of artistic/technical merit speak for themselves.

it is far too evident/previlent that some folks lack the intelligence to recognize what the OP/image has offered and/or simply are intent to be harmfull in any/all manner possible and availlable.

  • an image in a thread debating the technical merits of a lens will be less artistic and more 'look at the sharpness', while images posted in a 'look at my photos from today' I would assume are more meant for critique.

Having said that, I know not everyone wants their photography critiqued (as it can sometimes be fairly harsh if you are new to the hobby or still learning) so it never hurts to make it clear what an images purpose for posting is, whether a pure technical photo with poor artistic merit, or an artistic photo perhaps lacking in ultimate technical detail, and whether you want critique or not.

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