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what is it you expect..?

MKolmanovich wrote:

And you've spent approx. 4.000$ on cameras and gear to shoot this ?

how does price play here? maybe i gave him all this stuff for free.

I'm sorry, but any of these could have been easily done with a 300$ P&S just as well, in my opinion.


I mean, everyone shoots what he likes and spends what he likes on his hobby, but I'm amazed (nothing less) by amout of positive replies on such level of mediocrity.

here's the thing...i've posted plenty more images(m43/OMD) in the last week or two than i have in the last few years.

i'm sure all the images i've post as of late are akin to all images i've ever posted.... my opinion boring(compostion/subject) and you could add poorly framed too.

my purpose of posting has usually always been to simply show what the gear is capable(not my photographic talent or lack thereof).

what makes you think/expect people are needing/willling/interested in posting their "personal best" images here?

Please don't be offended, I don't mean to be rude, just trying to find out if I'm sane / from the same planet. Aparently not.

i like the OP's images for what they are worth. Are they his/her best work, how would i know? how would that matter in any case to show what the technical/spec-wise abilities of the gear are?

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