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vvP not quite there yet

I agree with fuego6. I've installed and fiddled a bit with vvP. It is too rudimentary now, so basically useless for me.

I will keep an eye on it, though. As soon as it gets keywording, offline previews (I've even tried increasing the "thumbnail size stored in the catalog" and the "thumbnail size in large view" for 1440 but it didn't quite worked for what I want - seeing offline pictures comfortably, one by one) and advanced search capabilities, I will give it another try.

I am still looking for a good replacement for Expression Media 2. Media Pro has not been it.



fuego6 wrote:

Fulvio Senore wrote:

If you are looking for an open source program you can check vvvP:


Fulvio Senore

Hi Fulvio - its a good effort but it is missing some really basic abilities in a DAM such as the ability to edit XMP info and add IPTC / keywording information. Also, since everything is only stored in a propriatary database, switching to another product is not easily obtained. I hope you can make modifictions to bring these necessary features to the table?

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