Show us how good the SX40 is Straight Out Of Camera

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Show us how good the SX40 is Straight Out Of Camera

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toomanycanons wrote:

We need more SX40 threads here.

I agree. So this thread will be about seeing what the SX40 can do, unaided by any post processing . The SX40 has many controls and many features which can be daunting to the new user or inexperienced photographer. But as we have seen, it can use those controls and features to produce some beautiful images by the very talented people around here. Maybe newer users can see the in-camera results we post here and ask questions about techniques we used. Or compare the results to their own to see what's possible. Now I am not against post processing in any way, and am in fact an experienced and ardent supporter. But many new users of this camera do not have access to post processing software or are not familiar with the tools. So let's give them a hand, and also have some fun sharing among ourselves. Post some images here that you really like and are SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). That means NO cropping, NO sharpening, NO levels, NO Nothing - NADA, Zilch, Nuttin'. Maybe shoot some images just for this occassion. Add some commentary about settings or technique if you'd like. Let's see what this wonderful little camera can do all by itself.

Oh, and newer users, you're of course welcome to share your SOOC images. We've seen some great results from people on their very first days out with this cam. And maybe you can teach us a thing or two as well.

So I'll start with a couple offerings, each a different shooting technique, each a different mood, but one an example showing technical attributes and one more artistic.

This image I shot about an hour ago specifically for this thread:

It's a very straight forward image from one of my gardens and, unusual for me, shot in the noon day sun. But it shows what is probably the best shooting scenario for this camera - bright light and colorful static subjects. And it shows the versatility of its lens. Many people will immediately go to macro mode when recording images of flowers. But this camera has a small sensor and, therefore, great inherent depth of field even at macro range. This can often ruin macro shots by making the surrounding area too sharp and distracting from the main subject. By using the full zoom from about 5-6 feet away, the depth of field around the flower is enough to give very sharp stamens as well as soft edges to the petals and buds, AND totally blur the surrounding area. This image was taken handheld in Tv mode at 1/320 second with continuous IS turned on. Focus was on the stamens and re-composed. The shutter was only fully pressed once the IS stabilized in the EVF. And, as I usually find works best for me in bright colorful scenarios, metering was evaluative with -1/3 EC.

My second offering has nothing to do with technical matters and everything to do with mood:

It was taken a couple of days ago during one of my evening walks by the lake. The light was fading quickly behind the mountains as a slight breeze was blowing across the water. Here I wanted a shutter of 1/100 second to portray that breeze without being too blurry or too sharp, so Tv mode was chosen. And the camera was tripod mounted and zoomed to precisely capture the composition. ISO 400 was chosen as I carefully watched the histogram in the viewfinder. And focus was placed on the middle lilly pads to the right. Then I just waited a few seconds until the ripples were just what my mind's eye was looking for.

This is not an image about technical aspects like diffration or speed of use, just one about creating art. Something very easy to do with the SX40.

OK people, show us what your SX40 can do SOOC .

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