Warning: Lowepro plastic carabiners may destroy your camera

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Re: Update on perspective

Why on earth would lowepro then change the design of the carabiners, if it was only a a rare manufacturing fault?

The new carabiners are by the wy not as convenient as the older ones, since they dont turn anymore. Handling the strap is now more difficult then before n(but also more secure, obviously). Thus, the design change was obviously made out of security concerns.

Anyhow regarding perspective: I not only lost some memories, but shots which generate an income for me. Financial losses do matter. Thats perspective. And yes I do travel with a second cam, but not with two identical midrange zooms (24-105).

Finally I do think that prevention is more important than repair. I just dont get why a manufacturer exchanges proven metal buckles (which are cheap anyway , locally about 75 cents/piece or less if bought in quantaties of 500+ ) for even cheaper plastic ones which break more easily. A bag intended to carry thousands of euros worth of equipment should be constructed with security as a first concern - not cost saving. This is just bad policy.

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