D800 - AF issues worse than expected

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Re: D800 - AF issues worse than expected

ThePaleRider wrote:

Can you rule out the possibility that this is just the focus shift which one might expect to see in normal operation with this lens (28/1.8 G)?

I've just carefully tested my D800 24-70 F2.8 wide open at 24mm against a series of charts on a flat wall. Both side focus points are very poor, and as most often reported the left is noticeably worse.

The center focus point is razor sharrp. In the shots using the center, the areas immediately under the side focus points are only a touch soft as would be expected from the lens but are still relatively sharp and quite acceptable - and far, far better than the results of the shots focusing with the side points.

Compensating with AF adjustment the error on the left appears to be around -15.

Manually focusing with live view is fine all over.

I'm afraid it's definitely more than just the lens and is extremely dissapointing.

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