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Re: 1dii for safari

We spend 4-6 months in African game parks each year. I always have my IDIV coupled to my Canon 500mm f/4.0 IS lens. My problem was whether to replace the 1DII with the 7D for my Canon 70-200mm lens after the Veolia Wildlife photography competition initially stated they would only accept 10Mpx pictures from 2011. I found out later that they had withdrawn that rule. However I had already bought the 7D for that year's safari and left the 1DII at home.

Compared to the 1DII I do like the extra length the 7D provides, via the smaller sensor and the greater cropping it allows. The main problem is the much poorer quality of the high ISO compared to my 1DIV. I haven't done a comparison of high ISO values quality between the 7D & IDII, but I find myself reluctant to use the 7D in poor light and thus continue to use the 1DIV + 500mm lens even when a wider angle lens would be more appropriate for e.g. group compositions.

It would also be gret top have all ones cameras using the same layout. But the ID series layout has cahnged so much with time that the 1DII doesnt have advantages in this area.
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