Mac Pro Upgrade suggestions

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Re: Mac Pro Upgrade suggestions

steven_k wrote:

Well now I am really on the fence with Apple.

Looking at there "new" Mac Pro lineup with really nothing new about it, no USB3, Thunderbolt or Sata III I Am wondering if I should just upgrade my 2009 2.66Ghz 16GB Mac Pro and just add 32 GB ram, and maybe some newer OWC SSD's

$355.00 for 32GB Ram, and maybe 2 128GB OWC Mercury Accelsior PCI E SSD's for another $700.00.
So basically dropping a little over $1000.00 into my current Mac Pro.

I was hoping for a upgraded 6 core Mac Pro, with all the new bells and whistles and would have gladly paid the $3000.00 for the it, but it's still the 2 year old machine and to spend 3K for old technology is to me a bad investment.

Feels like apple is getting out of the HIgh End computer market soon,

I am tempted to go to the "Dark Side" and run Windows 7 64, and then I am open to all the latest processors, Ivy Bridge, and of course much lower cost.

BTW. I have also been a long time windows users so Windows doesn't scare me, but I have always loved my Mac Pro.

Why don't you just lease a new Mac Pro from Apple till the new ones come out?

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