The dumbing-down of the Mac.

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Re: To Mike on my last Mac...


You may have solved the problem yourself

Our next laptops will likely be Lenovo, with their excellent keyboards, 3 year warranty and - according to the U computer strong record of reliability and of generously interpreting warranty provisions.

But seriously - I am sorry you are having problems - nobody deserves that - BUT...

If I am not mistaken you also had a lengthy thread along similar lines some time ago.

It seems you are unwilling to listen to some of the advice which has been offered and seem to cling to the view that all the problems are caused by Apple.
Yet - countless others users seem not to have such a multitude of problems.

A question - is it al all possible that some (all?) of the problems are self inflicted and that your technical is unable (unwilling?) to clear up the issues?

Many technicians run a mile when asked to fix a machine that has been 'Terminaled'

Another suggestion to add to the list:

Attach an external drive
Clean install the OS
Test the machine for reliability

This should determine whether you have a hardware or a software issue.

If it functions correctly - install your applications again

But surely not as painful as the anguish you are putting yourself through.

Hope this helps and is interpreted in the spirit it is intended


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