Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

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Re: Moving from Olympus to Canon or Nikon

Simon97 wrote:

I'm actually surprised at the good performance of the new 16mp 4/3rds sensor. This system is alive and well. What more are you needing from your current kit?

He's a 4/3 DSLR user not a micro 4/3 user. That's the difference, whilst you can use the 4.3 lenses with an adaptor..they're not optimal (AF performance)

The OM-D is not a DSLR replacement to many (it has a poor quality EVF not an OVF)

In the same way Sony stopped making DSLR's and now make light sucking SLT models with an EVF.

Neither company makes real DSLR's anymore unless you count the E-5 which was dated before it even hit the shelves.

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