EF 40 STM - my 1st impressions (sweeet) ;-)

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Re: EF 40 STM - my 1st impressions (sweeet) ;-)

joger wrote:

zlatko wrote:

I agree. Canon should make an equivalent pancake lens for their APS-C cameras too. A 24mm, 28mm or 30mm would be ideal. Basically the same idea as this 40mm, but built for the crop factor.

brudy wrote:

This would seem to be a nice (yet cheap) lens for FF owners. I wish canon would do something similar for crop owners. A 30mm version perhaps. 40 is too long for me on a crop.

I completely disagree on lenses for the crop format due to many reasons - let me share them with you:

1.) The crop format is subject to fade away over time - and most crop format shooters decide sooner or later to buy FF - so what to do with the EF-S lenses?

That's just plain not true, just extrapolated from yourself. I'm never going to buy bigger, heavier, and more expensive.

2.) There is sure no big production price difference between crop format and FF lenses.

If Canon can shave off 1$ off production cost, they will do it, i.e. compare the 18-55 IS versus 18-55 IS mark II. I mean what's the cost difference for the little silver ring, and the little white lens mounting bump? Tiny, but they did it, because in large scale, they must have been able to save more money than the cost of redesigning was. In the wide-angle range you sure can save quite a bit of money in lens design because of the smaller image circle on EF-S. For the tele range, yes, there will be no difference.

3.) The possible sales numbers of two separate lens lines make the economical calculation unnecessary difficult for manufacturers

Obviously not, otherwise there wouldn't be FF and crop lenses.

4.) If you have decided that smaller is more beautiful for you - you can use the swee spot of the FF lenses

Except there are no FF lenses for UWA for crop, where is the 10mm FF lens? It's going to be extremely difficult to make, and would end up huge and expensive.

5.) I never saw a good crop optimized lens yet - from no manufacturer - so there is either no chance to do that (with the cost constraints in mind) or manufactures know that the crop fomart in DSLR is something that will be be over soon

A completely uninformed personal opinion....

My personal prediction is that we will see more and more system cameras without mirrors and these cameras will be the replacement fro crop format DSLRs - only a tiny bit longer we will see FF DSLRs and then they might also be replaced by mirror less cameras - there is simply no reason to have a mirror in a few years from now and the possibilities are much bigger - so why build dedicated lenses for that format when you can use FF lenses??

Yes, mirror-less will take away from the crop lens sector once it takes off.

But, look at were mirror-less is going? Small and compact, ergo smaller sensors. APS-C sensors, and smaller, Canon will probably be a G1X like sensor. Look at Nikon, a tiny sensor.

What does that mean? Lots of new lenses that need to be designed for the wide angle range for these cameras, because the FF lenses are not wide enough due to the crop factor.

Ergo FF lenses alone will NEVER be the only type of lens in a manufacturers line-up.

Just buy a 35 mm lens - I hope it is not the price that drove your wish!! Price driven decision s are not necessarily the best.

Coming back tot he 40 mm pancake - I guess it shows the limits of a moderate manufacturing price and thus a good end price. the 40 mm is not at the same level as the L lenses but not far away too - the bokeh is simply stunning and the size and weight is nothing but spectacular - should fit gorgeously on y crop format too

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