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Re: In support of using the banks-- CORRECTION!!

Let's consider this. If you change a setting that's in one of the banks, what should the camera do? Ignore the change? Apply the change for one shot? Apply the change, but not remember it when you turn the camera off? It's not an easy question. Nikon chose to remember the change in the current bank. Might not suit everyone, but that was their answer to the tough question.

Actually I think there is a VERY simple simple solution, and i REALLY wisch Nikon would implement it:

YES, they need to keep the modifications, since it makes no sense that the camera changes settings when you swithc it off for a moment, which I do totally subconsciously as it is so easy and quick.

BUT there is the new 2-button reset function, and for me it would be the perfect solution to use this 2 button reset to return to the once saved bank settings. I WANT to define myself when the camera returns to the default bank settings, and that solution would work perfectly for me. Flexibility during a shoot, but defined starting points for the next.

Of course that would mean for Nikon to have not 4 but actually 8 banks, for "master banks" and 4 "temporary banks". And since Nikon has failed to see the need to change anything in the last 4(?) years I doubt there will be a FW upgrade...

Cheers, Surf

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