D800 and DxO elite

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It's SLOW on my high end mac pro, but runs fast under windows.

I'm sorry I bought it. It's cludgy and not a fast we to get things done.

I've fought it for years, but recently bought NX2. It truly is the best way to get great images form your d800. I use features in camera like distortion control, active dlighting, vignetting, and picture controls. A lot of people poo poo this idea, however you are doing all those things in post anyway! NX2 reads the data from the camera and you can tweak it easily. Also create a picture control that you like and upload it back to the camera to further save you time in post.

Now I use a few different pieces of software in my workflow which is as follows.

1. Use finder to copy the folder of images from the card to my desktop

2. ViewNX2 to sort my images (delete bad and keep the good). I use viewnx2 cause it's fast and the pics have all the Nikon seasoning built in.

3. CaptureNX2 to tweak the images (saving the changes onto the original file - gasp), photoshopping or whatever and saving the edits into the same folder.

4. Lightroom then imports, moves, sorts, renames, and drops the images into a folder sorted by date. Other than the library module and print module (which I rarely print from home), I dislike Lightroom. I've fought with it for years since version 2. Read books, taken online training, tried the xrite passport, tweaked this and that, etc. Honestly, I just don't like it.

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