If you were putting a kit together to shoot toddlers?

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Re: If you were putting a kit together to shoot toddlers?

chiane wrote:

Ok, I have spent my short photographic existence shooting architecture and some macro stuff. I have a 35da macro, da 15mm, and Sigma 10-20mm. I never shoot anything long.

I now have a little girl and with summer here, I find myself shooting mostly shots of her with probably the wrong lenses for the job. I am outside shooting a really slow to focus da 35mm, the kit lens (blah), or the 15mm (which can give you some cool perspective shots). I do have a manual Takumar 135mm f4.0, but I can't keep a 16 month old in focus beyond being lucky.

Like you I shoot mainly primes with zoom only for UWA. One of the reasons I gave up using zooms was because with kids running around I lost a lot of shots zooming in and out trying - and often failing - to get the right framing.

I find 70mm (DA70/2.4) and 100mm (DFA100/2.8) good lengths for kids outdoors. I usually prefer 100 but if you're unhappy with your FA35/2.8 for the job you might not want to use another macro. (I use my DA35/2.8 for kids too but you're probably better following your own experience).

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