so confused .. using fx lens on dx

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so confused .. using fx lens on dx

i've been doing some searches on this.. but everything i've read is about people, i suppose upgrading their cameras to an fx.. so they are asking about what their dx lenses will be like on the fx system.
but i'm thinking about the other direction.

i would like a street-use fast prime.

the only thing i can see from nikon (maybe i should look at other brands ?).. is the 35mm 1.something.. but there is only an fx format at this focal length.

i get the impression that that fx lens would be like buying a 28(approx) dx lens for my d7000 ?

i dont want something which is tooo large and heavy or over $1000usd.

i love my 18-200* for traveling and carry a 50mm 1.8 lens which i pull out of my bag once in a while for those pics which i need tack sharp.. but as a street lens, 50mm is not wide enuf for small european asian street building shots..etc..
i read that 24 or 35mm is a good choice for street shots...

or maybe i should wait for a dx version.. fx versions are more expensive than dx lens.. i may not get an fx camera in the future...
actually i'm a

'closet waiting for a mirrorless camera to come out which approaches the low noise, fast autofocusing with great evf'
ya ya.. i may be waiting for a decade or 2, lol.

  • not too sharp at either end of zoom and need high iso's later in the day or on those streets where the building obstruct the sun.

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