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Re: DXO Optics Pro

I did adjust white balance, but there were always some sort of yellow cast on a few of my pictures that did not go away. Adjusting the color sliders made a big difference, but then again why would I be in the mood to do that on a regular basis?

After some more playing with pictures last night, I am strongly leaning towards DxO as my new main RAW converter. The files as they come out of the software, especially corrected is really good. Colours, for me, are on average the best out of about 30 RAW files that I compared in different converters. Fine tuning after that is also not too difficult, and the HDR presets are actually very very good for a single photo HDR. Combine that maybe with the basic filmpack and one can crank out very nice pics.

Another advantage I found was that you could also export your standard Dxo conversion (lens corrections etc) as a DNG file. Which you can then open up in Photoshop, Paintshop Pro etc etc and go wild on it. Both of those are in any case better to get creative with than Lightroom alone.

In that one looses the integrated system that Lightroom presents for orgnanising, developing and editing, but its a compromise I am willing to make.

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