All this negative commentary on the 5D Mk III has become a joke!

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Re: All this negative commentary on the 5D Mk III has become a joke!

NicholasS wrote:

I do not understand all these now irrational and incredibly negative comments on the 5D Mk III.

Yes - it is over priced!

However, my new 5D Mk III is a distinct improvement over my previous 5D Mk II. Images are creamier, sharp and the focus is spot on as well as being unbelievably fast. There is at least a 2-stop improvement at high ISO (I now shoot with the 50mm f1.4 at ISO 6400 and it looks great).

Seems the opinions are widely dependent what one had bought the 5D2 for. Namely for studio, portrait & landscape, I saw the 5D3 as a complete failure - all the improvements were on the action side - slight very high iso improvement, AF, the reason not to increase MP but instead faster fps. Add a big increase in price and you see why many were not quite excited.

On the other hand I completely understand all those who shoot weddings - indeed the 5D3 looks like a dream camera.

When I take a picture (in order)

1. Subject - camera independant
2. Composition - camera independant
3. Light - camera independant

4. Focus accuracy - 5D3 snappier, but the same accuracy (defective units do not count)
5. Bokeh - lens dependant

6. Colour accuracy - I believe with high skills indistinguishable results can be achieved with all latest cameras. Speaking of that, I'd add the color depth to the list too.


49. More pixels to work with (after all I do like to view my 5m x 5m images at a distance of 15cm?!). Some of my best pictures are 8Mp (how is this possible?!) and I lust after the D1X at 18Mp and Fuji X-Pro 1 at 16Mp not the D800 (what is wrong with me?!)

It depends very much of the scene. I think quoting numbers as ultimate final figures never ends positively. As soon as technology is there to deliver real visible differences, processing is seamless, suddenly everybody jumps the ship. Check yourself the same message in 8 years, I hope you don't feel embarrasment.


190. Pulling the detail out of the shadows (I mean really, this looks so un-natural?!)

Complete misunderstanding of DR. The DR is never a goal, the goal is to provide the most natural result under every thinkable light condition. The goal of DR is to provide ultimate flexibility, in the case of high DR scenes (which by the way has no connection to HDR) or when something went wrong with the exposure being it a user error or tricky light fooling automatics.

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