? Close focus lens for 45mm f/1.8

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Re: ? Close focus lens for 45mm f/1.8

I have a marumi +3 diopters and tried it on 45mm and 14-150.

On the 14- 150 it works great and I can control the result very good by zooming in the range 50-150mm. Distance to subject is 20-40cm.

On the 45mm my +3 diopter seems to be to weak. I would have to buy a +5 marumi for the 45mm to get closer distance and therfore a comparable magnification as with the telezoom.
I think thats why the other poster also uses the +5.

Maybe the mentioned macro adapter for the 14-42 is a little bit weak too, I guess it is +2 or +3 and no APO?

I would go for

  • an achromat from marumi or raynox to avoid CA

  • a +5 diopter (marumi diopter from posting above or for the raynox with the shorter focal distance)

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